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Buy a Pre-Owned 2014 Toyota in Thomasville, GA

Buying a Pre-Owned 2014 Toyota is a Great Investment

Whether you choose to purchase a car, truck, or SUV, a vehicle will likely be one of the most expensive purchases you ever make, second only to your house. Many car buyers opt to purchase pre-owned models to save money on everything from the sticker price to insurance. If that’s your goal, purchasing a pre-owned 2014 Toyota might be the way to go. Keep reading to learn why.

Skip Depreciation and Keep the Value

Cars depreciate quickly, especially within the first few years of use. However, depreciation is a process that slows down over time, and older models (i.e., a 2014 Toyota) have likely experienced the bulk of their depreciation already. Toyota models are known to maintain their value and reliability, especially Toyota Corolla models. Toyota engineers vehicles that stay on the road longer than many of the models their competitors release. So when you purchase a 2014 Toyota, you get to dodge the depreciation bullet but keep the value.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Purchasing a pre-owned model comes with several other perks, including a lowered cost of ownership. The main perk, of course, is that you’ll pay less to purchase a pre-owned model. In fact, if you’re shopping for a vehicle under $15,000, you’ll likely find that most 2014 models will easily fit into your budget. Your 2014 Toyota vehicle’s cost of ownership will also be lower than that of newer vehicles. For starters, insurance premiums for older vehicles are far less than those for newer models. Your vehicle's taxes will also cost less.

Great Prices on Pre-Owned Vehicles in Meridian, MS

Toyota of Meridian offers competitive prices and transparent vehicle information. The vehicles in our inventory of pre-owned Toyota models have gone through a rigorous multi-point inspection to ensure they’re still operating at the level of performance Toyota is known for. To help give you peace of mind, we also provide a full Carfax report for every vehicle so you know everything we know about the model(s) you’re interested in.

Find Your Used Car at Toyota of Meridian of Alcoa in Meridian, MS

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned 2014 Toyota, bring your list of desired features to one of our knowledgeable representatives, and we’ll help you find the model that’s right for you.

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