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Toyota Trim Levels in Meridian, MS

2024 Toyota Trim Levels

If you’re trying to determine which Toyota model best suits your lifestyle, our team at Toyota of Meridian can help. We know it can be challenging to break the code on the letter combinations for the different trim levels, which is why our team has put together a guide to help you understand the acronyms for each trim.

Each acronym is simple to understand, and our team can help you determine which one will work best for you. Each acronym gives you some insight into what each trim level has to offer; for example, the “SE” trim level means a Sport Edition and is available on vehicles like the 2024 Toyota Camry, offering a sporty powertrain – 2.5-liter 4-cylinder Dynamic Force engine which a direct shift 8-speed ECT-I (electronically controlled transmission with intelligence). Once you understand the meaning behind each trim level, you can easily decide which one can keep up with your daily responsibilities.

Acronym Meanings for Toyota Trim Levels

Here’s a breakdown of each Toyota Trim Level acronym:

  • CE: Classic Edition
  • DX: Deluxe
  • L: Entry-level grade
  • LE: Luxury Edition
  • S: Sport
  • SE: Sport Edition
  • SLE: Sport Luxury Edition
  • SR: Sport Rally
  • SR5: Sport Rally 5-Speed
  • VE: Value Edition
  • XL: Executive Luxury
  • XLE: Executive Luxury Edition
  • XLS: Executive Luxury Sport
  • XR: Extreme Rally
  • XRS: Extreme Rally Sport
  • XSE: Extreme Sport Edition

It’s important to note that depending on which Toyota model you choose, the codes may vary, so if you want to learn more about a specific Toyota model, contact our team at Toyota of Meridian. We’ll answer any questions you may have.

Find a Toyota Truck at Toyota of Meridian

If you know which trim level you want, visit the Toyota of Meridian dealership in Meridian, MS, and our team can help you find a model available with that trim. You won’t be disappointed when you get behind the wheel of a Toyota vehicle. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. We look forward to your visit.

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